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Create and Customize Ticket Elements

Creating a Ticket Element

To create a ticket element, visit the Event Elements page in the platform. 

Choose Ticket in the Event Element section on the top of the page.

Customizing Ticket Elements

Fill out all pertinent information in the Ticket Element: Create section of the page.

  • Ticket Name: Name of Ticket
  • Ticket Location: Name of the location of the event. This will auto-populate the address once you start typing the location name.
  • Ticket Start Date: Event date
  • Ticket End Date: Event end date if event spans multiple days. If one day event, choose No End Date
  • Start Time: Time event starts
  • End Time: Event end time if event ends at specific time. If it is a full day event, choose No End Time
  • Price: It is optional to display the ticket price on the ticket element. If you would like this reflected on the ticket, complete the section for Price.
  • Inventory Available:  You can choose to restrict the inventory available for your ticket element. This can also be used to track your ticket allocations. If you toggle to YES, enter in the quantity of tickets available.
  • Ticket Details: You can add any other relevant ticket details for guests. These will appear centered at the bottom of the ticket. This is a great spot to include any terms and conditions.
  • Ticket Access: The only option for ticket access is a Barcode. This will add a unique barcode to each ticket. 
  • Barcode Type: There are 2 options for barcodes to be displayed on the ticket.

Code 128

Interleaved 2 of 5

  • Header Bar Background Color: Displays as a rectangular highlight of the Ticket Name
  • Ticket Name Color: Displays as the color of the text for Ticket Name
  • Ticket Image: Appears vertically on left side of ticket

Select Save Element and Continue