Group Notifications

Users have the option to set Group Notifications. This can be set up by Choosing an existing Team Member or Specifying a New Contact to receive notifications. Once you select an existing team member to receive notifications, you will then select the Notification Type. The three Notification Types are New Guest Registration, Guest Status Change, and User Changed Guest Status. If you select for a specific team member to receive notifications for Guest Status Changes, that team member will be notified via email every time a new guest changes his or her RSVP status.

Existing team members will receive a notification to their email address associated with their account. 

If you want to set up notifications for somebody else who is not an existing team member, you will be asked to provide their name and email address. You will then select the notification type. Once this is set up, that individual will be notified via email each time a guest registers if that is the notification type selected.