Create a Ticket Element

Users can also create a ticket element. 

Start by naming your ticket and adding a ticket location. You can also set the ticket date and time. Add any details you need to include. 

Users can add the price of the ticket. You can then change the Ticket Holder Label. The drop down options are Purchases By, Given To, Ticket Owner, None, or other. 

To add the ticket to guest's itinerary, be sure to move the toggle to YES. You are able to edit the color of the header bar background color and the ticket name color. Click on the ticket image to upload a .jpeg, .pg., or pdf. file. You are also able to select the Barcode Type: Code 128. 

If there is a limited ticket inventory, be sure to add that to Inventory Available. Once this number of tickets have been sold, guests will not be able to purchase more tickets. 

Don't forget to hit Save Element & Continue.