Create a new Team Member

To create a new Team Member, you must click "My Team" under Account Tools.

Your team will start out with just you as the "Account Owner".  Click "Create New User" to add Team Members to your account.

You must enter your new team member's e-mail address and first and last name.  The other fields are optional.  The Timezone field is important so that the system knows from what timezone emails are being sent (through  You will find US Timezones under "America/___".

You can then determine what permissions you'd like to give that team member by changing the ON/OFF slider under "Permissions Overrides".  

"Notification Settings" dictate how you'd like that team member to be notified when a guest checks in to one of their events.  You must also set the "Event Check-In Notification" on the event specific Check-In page.

Your Team Member will receive an e-mail inviting them to collaborate on your event.  They must verify their e-mail and set their password in order to create their account.

Your Team Members list will say your members are "Pending" until they have verified their e-mail address.

Once a Team Member has verified their email address their status will change to "yes".  They can now be added to an event!