Create a New Event

All events you create will be added to your Event Dashboard.  Click "Create New Event" to create an event.

The "Create Event" screen will allow you to add important event details.  The fields with an * indicate that they are required.  When completing the "Event Location" field be sure to select the location from the auto-populated pull down menu. 

The "Event Name" will dynamically populate in your email communications, registration website and itinerary.

The "Event Start Date" should be the earliest possible date that a guest will arrive at the event, and the "Event End Date" should be the last possible date on which a guest will be leaving.

Note: If you choose to include an Event Venue, that will appear on your registration website and itinerary in place of the Event Location.  This should only be used for events that are taking place in a single venue.  

You can add an event image to appear in your Dashboard.  Click to add an event image.

You can upload an image file from your computer.  If you already have an image saved in that you'd like to use, select "Choose previously used media" instead.  That will generate a screen with all available images.

Find the desired image file on your computer and then click "Open".

Once chosen, you can resize your image file as needed and then "Save image".

After selecting an image, you will be asked about a few Event Settings.  Are you using tickets for this event? Are you providing itineraries? Are you managing travel for this event? Integrate with Shopify Store? The toggles will automatically be set to "NO." If you need to use any of these settings, move the toggle for "YES" to the ones you will be using. If you will be integrating with a Shopify store, a unique store will need to be set up separately so that it can feed information into the platform.

Now that your general Event Information has been entered, choose "Save Event & Continue".

Once saved, your Event will appear in your Dashboard and is ready to customize!