Understanding Elements

Elements are the building blocks for your event.  An element is anything and everything that will be offered to a single guest, a specific group, or everyone being invited. Elements show up in chronological order on the guest itinerary (unless you tell concierge.com to hide the element).  In order to create an Element, click Add on the top right-hand side. 

After clicking "Add," a drop down will appear to add a new element. Users will have the option to add a new Activity, Bonus, Ticket, Travel, or Hotel Element. 

Users can also add elements to your event by importing past elements from other events. By selecting Import, a list of other events will appear. You can select a different event associated with you account and then it will ask you to select the element you wish to import from that event. That element will then be added to your event. 

Additionally, users can Export Elements as a CSV file. By clicking this, the data from your elements will be instantly downloaded to your computer as a CSV file.