Create a Travel Element - Air

In order to add flight and/or ground transportation information you must create a Travel/Ground Element.  

Select which "Type of Travel" you'd like to create - Air or Ground Transportation.  Remember, if you need to include both flight and ground transportation information in your itinerary you'll need to create a separate Element for each!

You can also set a limit on how much inventory is available by clicking the "Inventory available" button.  It sets a quantity limit for that Element so you can track inventory.

After selecting Air travel you must select the Type.  One-Way or Round-Trip and Economy, Business or First Class.  Remember, if some of your guests are getting a first class flight, and others are getting a coach class flight, you will need to create separate Elements for each.

Then input the destination.  When completing the "Destination" field be sure to select the location from the auto-populated pull down menu.  Then "Save Element & Continue".

All completed Elements will appear under the "Elements" header.

Don't forget to Save Element & Continue!