Create a Hotel Element

In order to add hotel information you must create a Hotel Element.  A Hotel Element is any form of accommodation for any guest. This could mean a hotel, an apartment, a B&B or Airbnb.  There can only be one hotel element/group.

IMPORTANT: When you add a hotel element, the dates for check-in and check-out are pre-loaded with the event dates you specified on the Event Setup screen. If guests are arriving and/or departing on different dates, you must edit those dates in each individual's guest profile.

Enter the Hotel information by selecting the name from the auto-populated pull down menu.  The complete address will auto-populate.

Enter the Room Type (king, double, suite).

You can also set a limit on how much inventory is available by clicking the "Inventory available" button.  It sets a quantity limit for that Element so you can track inventory.

The Hotel Check-in Time and Check-out Time default to 3:00PM and 12:00PM, but can be altered if needed.

Don't forget to Save Element & Continue!