Create an Activity Element

In order to add any activity information you must create an Activity Element. An Activity Element is anything your guests may do during their stay.  This could mean a meal, screening, concert, meeting, etc.  You will need to create a separate Activity Element for each individual activity in which your guests will be participating. Select "Add" and then Activity in the drop down options. 

Enter the Activity Name and Location.  Be sure to select the location from the auto-populated pull down menu.  The complete address will auto-populate.

The Activity Start and End Dates will default to the Event dates you specified on the Event Setup screen, so be sure to edit them as needed (they can be the same!).  

Start Time - You must specify the "Start Time" so the element appears in the correct order on the guest itinerary, but you can then enter "Start Text" to appear on the itinerary instead of the time.  For example, if you have a dinner planned for after a concert, you can type "After the concert" so your guests know when to expect dinner.

End Time - You can choose to indicate an End Time, type End Text, or choose to have No End Time noted.

You can set a limit on how much inventory is available by clicking the "Inventory available" button.  It sets a quantity limit for that Element so you can track inventory.

Slide the slider to YES if you'd like this Element shown on the guest's itinerary.

See below for details on "Access Control".

Enter any notes or additional information under Activity Details.  This could be dress code, what to bring, etc.

Access Control allows you to specify what the guest will need to show to get into your event.  Will this activity require a Credential, Ticket, VIP Credential, Wristband, Barcode, Guest Reservations, or Other.  

If you select "Barcode", you must choose what type.  A unique barcode will appear on each guest's itinerary.

Don't forget to Save Element & Continue!