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Uploading Guests to the Guest List

You can add guests to the Guest List 3 different ways: Add Guest, Bulk Upload Contacts or Show Address Book.

Add Guest - Here you can add an individual guest.  You will enter the guest's First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address and Company Name (if desired).  If that guest has already attended an event through, you will need to choose which data you want to keep (in the event of any conflicts).

Bulk Upload Contacts - Here you can upload a spreadsheet with all of your guest info.  For a successful upload, your spreadsheet must be formatted correctly:

  • Separate First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Company Name into their own labeled columns
  • The columns MUST appear in this order
  • Save your file as a .CSV provides a template spreadsheet. Click the "Download a Template .CSV" to download a correctly formatted document.

Once you have your document formatted in the correct way, click the "Choose File" button and locate your file. Click the pink "Upload Contacts" button to begin the upload.  If your file is not formatted correctly, you will see a red bar across the window along with  an error prompt with information on what rows/columns are incomplete.  If it is formatted correctly, you will see a green bar across the window and all of your guest names and information will populate in the Guest List.

Note: You can upload up to 1,000 guests at a time.  If you upload more than 1,000 guests you will be alerted that the limit was reached and you will have to split your spreadsheets up into groups of 1,000.

Show Address Book -  Click "Show Address Book" to display guest names from previous events.  Highlight the check mark next to a guest's name to select those you want to add to the Guest List for your current event and then click "Add Selected to Guest List".