Create New Group

To create a new group, click the pink "Create New Group" button on the "Create + Manage Groups" page.

You will be required to enter the Group Name to get started. The dates will automatically default to the event dates, but can be changed based on this particular groups arrival/departure dates.

Limit Inventory: You can limit the inventory in each group by sliding the "Limit Inventory" slider to Yes.  This will limit the number of invitations you can allocate and send for this group.  If you want to be able to send an unlimited number of invites, keep the "Limit Inventory" slider at No.

Include (+1): Here you can determine if this group will be able to bring one (or more) companions.  To add companions, slide the "Include (+1)" slider to Yes.  Here, you can change the number of companions a guest is allowed to invite. There is not a limit on how many companions are allowed per group. When filling out registration, the main invited guest will have to enter their companions full name  and email address which will automatically trigger an invitation to that person. The email address provided must be different from the main guest. 

Use Group over Event Name: Here you can choose to use the group name instead of the event name in all guest correspondence (email, registration site, itinerary, etc.).  

Ticket Based Group: Here you can choose if this group will be receiving tickets. 

Open Registration: Here you can choose to leave an Open Registration. This is not an option if guest's will have a companion. 

Keep Element Quantities for declined invites: You can select if you would like the number of that element should decrease to 0 if the guest has declined the invite. This may be relevant for tracking inventory. 

Then, add all elements that this group will receive - think about it as building their itinerary!  Every group must include at least 1 element!

You have the option to add a custom field while creating the group. The custom field will appear within a Guest Profile. For example, I can add a field that is labeled "Duties." On each profile, I would be able to enter the duty of each one of my "Working Staff" guests.  Custom fields are for internal reporting purposes only and there is no limit on how many custom fields you can create. 

You can upload a banner image specific to itineraries so it does not have to use the registration site banner image.

When you're ready to start adding elements, click "Select an Element" and a dropdown menu will appear with all of the elements you created for the event.  Click on the ones that apply to this group one by one.

Once you have finished adding all of the elements relevant to this group, you can start customizing each one individually.

Quantity per Guest - this is how many of that particular element your guest should receive.

Quantity per Companion - this is how many of that particular element your guest's companion(s) should receive.  

Share Quantity? Slide this slider to YES to share the quantity per guest with all of his/her companions.  Air elements cannot be shared.  This will typically be used for hotel rooms.

Allow/Decline? Will the guest be allowed to decline this element and remove it from their itinerary?  This is most commonly used for airfare, ground transportation to/from the airport, and hotel.  If a guest lives close to the event location, they may decline this option and stay at home and drive to the event themselves.  You can also choose if the guest will be allowed to decline this element on their itinerary. 

If the group you are creating is very similar to an existing group, you can choose to clone it by clicking the double paper icon next to the trash icon for the group you are cloning.

Then enter the name for the new group and choose the specific group settings that you would like to clone.  Group elements and the event start/end dates will automatically be cloned, but the other group settings are optional.

After cloning a group, the new group will appear under "My Groups".  You can then click the group name to make any further edits necessary.