Send a Save the Date Email

Sending a Save the Date email is a great way to begin communicating with your guests before you have the specific event details confirmed.  You will find this feature under "Guest List" by scrolling down the page to "Save the Date Mailer".

You can either create the Save the Date by selecting from Template Library, starting with a blank email template or by reseting to the default.

Note: When creating a Save the Date, you do not need to link the email to an RSVP link as your guests will not yet be RSVP'ing.

Once you have selected or designed the email, you can send yourself a test by clicking "Send test..."

Once you have tested your email and are ready to send, select the guests you want to send to by clicking the check box next to each person's name.  You can also click the check box in the menu bar (next to First Name) to select all guests on the screen at once.  

If you have more than 10 guests, you will want to increase the "items per page" so you can send to more guests at once.  You will need to send the Save the Date to each page of guests separately.  In this example, there are 30 guests on the Guest List, so increasing the "items per page" to 50 will make all guests visible at once.

You can also choose to filter by whether or not a Save the Date has already been sent to that guest.

Once you have selected all recipients, click "Choose an Action" - "Send Save the Date email".  Lastly, you will be prompted to enter the desired Sender Name and Sender Email.  Then Click "Yes, Send Email".    

Guests who have received a Save the Date will have a calendar icon in the Save the Date column on the Guest List.