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Customize Groups - Event Website

You will always start with "Customize Event Website", even if you don't plan to integrate a website into your registration.  In this case, simply leave the slider on "No" and select "Customize Invite" on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

If you do plan to integrate a website into your event, move the slider to "Yes".   If you have already customized all of the website settings in another group, you can choose to Clone it.  This way you don't have to re-do all the work you have already done!

If not, you will have a few options.  

If you are hosting your event website outside of, you can enable your website pages to link to the registration page by copying and pasting the code snippet provided into the header of your website.  In addition, all registration or RSVP links must point to  Finally, you will need to enter the full domain address of your website including the correct prefix (http:// or https://).

If you are using to build and host your event website, slide the 2nd slider to "Yes".  When using's website builder, ensure that the registration buttons or links are pointing to:  If this is an invite only group, each invitee must access your event webpage by clicking the invite.

You can either host the site on or choose to use a custom domain.  After setting your domain up be sure to specify the custom URL.  

Now you're ready to build your website.

You can choose to make the group an "Open Registration" group.  This means that anyone who has the link can register for your event.  

Note: Open Registration groups cannot include a +1 (companion).