Assigning Invites

You'll need to "Assign Invites" for each group before you can send any email invitations.  The host will be the team member responsible for sending invitations and managing a group of guests.  Here you will select a group, assign a host (you or a team member), and allocate (or limit) how many invites can be sent by that host.

If you limited inventory for a particular group when you created that group, you will be limited on how many invitations you can allocate here.  

The three dots below indicate that invitations have already been allocated for that group.  If you click on it, you can view those allocations.

In order to assign or edit allocations for a particular group, click on the name of that group.  If no allocations have been assigned yet, you will first have to determine who will be the host.  You or a team member.  You can have multiple hosts for each group.  You'll simply need to add the allocations for each person individually.

If you will be a host, you'll just need to add your "Allocation" and click "Add Allocation".  

If a team member will be the host, select their name from the drop down menu (only your team members on this event will populate here) and add their allocation.

As you add allocations, you will see them listed.

If you need to edit allocations, click on the blue number and a box will appear to make that change.  Then click the red check mark to save.

Remember, you can only allocate as many invitations as you set with "Limit Inventory" when you created the group.  In the example below, the inventory limit is 100.

That inventory limit will be reflected in "Remaining Allocations" and can be split up between various team members however you choose.  In this example, there were a total of 100 allocations for this group, and 50 have already been used, so there are 50 remaining allocations.