RSVP Status

The RSVP Status page is where you can see the status of all invited guests.  This will show you if a guest's RSVP has been "Accepted," "Sent," "Opened,""Clicked," "Declined," "Bounced," "Deferred," "Saved," "Forfeit,"  or "Pending." Click HERE to see the various email statuses from our 3rd Party Mail Sender, SendGrid.

You can sort this list by group or by guest response.  In this example this list is sorted to just show the "VIP" group.

Guests can register on behalf of their companions without them needing to  provide an email address for them, in-turn creating basic companion profiles for them in the platform. 

As the host you can also manually change guests RSVPs.  There are 2 ways to do this.

1. Click the check mark next to the guests whose RSVP you want to change.  Be sure to only select people together if you plan to change them all to the same status.  When selected, those rows turn light blue.  Then another box appears above the table - "Choose an Action".  Here you can mark the selected as "ATTENDING", "DECLINED INVITE", "PENDING RESPONSE", or "FORFEIT INVITE".  You can also delete those guests or resend the invitation email to them.  Once you make a choice, will ask you if you're sure you want to make that change.  If you click "Yes: Update Invites", the invites that you changed will jump to the top of your list.

2. You can also change a guest's RSVP individually.  Hover over their RSVP status icon (the green check, red X or blue question mark) and "Edit Guest RSVP Details" will pop up.  Click that and you will enter the guest profile where you can change the RSVP and update any guest information you want.  Just be sure to scroll down and SAVE before you click out of that screen.