What is a Guest Profile?

Once a guest has RSVP'd "YES" to an event, their name populates in the "Profiles" section under "Guests".  Each guest will have a guest profile, including all of the custom fields, survey questions, and elements that apply to them and the group they were invited to.  

You can easily update personal information in a guest profile by simply clicking on the guest's name in the table and then "EDIT INFO".  A guest's email address is the only field that cannot be changed as that is how concierge.com identifies each guest. Users can also manually add/remove companions in the guest profile directly. 

You can also upload a Guest Profile Image.  This can be helpful when checking guests in to an event.  Click the person icon to upload your image.

Once you have chosen your image, the sizing tool will appear so you can crop or shift your image as needed.  Once your image is positioned properly, be sure to save it!