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Customize Groups - Registration

"Customize Registration" is where you will build the Registration Site. This is where your guests will go to RSVP.

If you have already built the registration page in another group, you can choose to Clone it. This way you don't have to re-do all the work you have already done!

First, you'll want to upload a banner image.  This will appear at the top of your registration page (see specs above) and your guest's itinerary.

You can either upload an image file from your computer, or access previously used images from your account.


Once you have chosen your image, the sizing tool will appear so you can crop or shift your image as needed.  Once your image is positioned properly, be sure to save it!

Now your image will appear under "Banner Image" on the "Customize Registration" page.

The next step is to customize your guest's registration process.

Would you like to display the group details?  If YES, all elements added to this group will be listed on the RSVP page.  Slide the slider to NO if you do not want guests to see what's included in their experience at the time of registration.  

What should your "Accept" and "Decline" RSVP buttons say?  They can say a simple "YES" or "NO", or you can get more creative and have some fun with it!  

What color do you want your "Accept" and "Decline" buttons to be?  Click on the colored bars to pull up all of your color options.  You can even use the eyedropper tool to pull colors from your registration banner (or any other assets you have).

Hide element quantity when showing guests each element included in their experience.  Slide the slider to NO if you do want to show guests their element quantity.

Accepted/Declined Display Message - This is what will appear on the screen when a guest RSVP's YES or NO.  When you click in the box, the editor will appear.  You can format this message however you'd like, and even include merge tags from information collected by!

Decide which of the Personal/Contact/Travel fields you want to collect and are relevant to your event.  If your event does not include any travel, unselect all of the Travel Fields.  Any field with an * next to it means it will be required if you decide to collect it.  You can choose which registration fields a companion needs to fulfill separately. 

Is there data you want to collect but you don't see that field?  Create a survey question!  When typing your answer choices, hit enter to save each one.  

Should your guests be able to choose more than one answer?  If so, slide the slider to YES.   

Who should see the survey questions during registration?  Just the guest?  Or their companion(s) as well?

Is this question required?  If so, slide the slider to YES.  Guests will not be able to complete the registration process until they have answered this question.

Do your guests need to complete any legal documents?  Be sure to upload and format all necessary legal documents in Account Tools and then add them to groups as needed.  Guests will not be able to complete the registration process until they have completed the required legal forms.

If you have a group of contest or sweepstakes winners, copy and paste the official rules here so they can refer back to them while completing the registration process.

Don't forget to "Save RSVP & Continue" before moving on to Customize Itinerary.

Curious what the guest experience will look like?  Click here to view the entire process - invite, registration, confirmation and the guest itinerary.