Customize Groups - Itinerary

"Customize Itinerary" is where you will customize your itinerary (choose the color scheme and the intro message) and write the email to be sent to guests, linking to the itinerary.

If you have already designed an itinerary in another group, you can choose to Clone it. This way you don't have to re-do all the work you have already done!

If not, first you'll want to customize your Itinerary Headline and Introduction Message.  The headline will be your "Event Name" ([]) Itinerary by default, but can be changed.  The introduction message will appear at the top of the itinerary, before any element information.  This is where you can highlight any specific information or simply welcome your guests.  You can use merge tags to personalize the message.

You can choose the color scheme for your itinerary by customizing the header bar color and text color.  Click on the colored bars to pull up all of your color options. You can even use the eyedropper tool to pull colors from your registration banner (or any other assets you have)!

The "You're Here!" and "Time To Go Home" messages will appear just after the hotel element and before departure air/ground information.  You can edit those messages however you choose or hide them so they do not appear on the itinerary at all.

The Itinerary Email is what will be sent to your guests with a link to view the itinerary.

You can either select the desired "Itinerary Email" from the Template Library, start over using a blank template, or reset to the default email.

Note: If you have selected a design as your "Master Guest Itinerary template", it will automatically populate as your Itinerary Email.

When you choose to select from the Template Library, all available Itinerary Email Templates will populate from which to choose.

Once you have selected or designed the email, you can send yourself a test by clicking "Send test..."

You will be given the option to specify the recipient email address and which email(s) you'd like to test.  

Note: The invite and itinerary emails will not link to the registration page or itinerary properly as they are not tied to a specific invited guest.  If you want to test the entire RSVP process, you'll need to send yourself a "real" invite for testing.

Don't forget to "Save Itinerary & Continue".

Curious what the guest experience will look like?  Click here to view the entire process - invite, registration, confirmation and the guest itinerary.