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Import Hotel Confirmations

When booking travel for a large group, you can import hotel confirmation numbers as a .CSV, rather than entering each one individually.  

Click "Import Hotel Confirmations".  

Here you can upload a spreadsheet with all of your guest hotel confirmation numbers.  For a successful upload, your spreadsheet must be formatted correctly:

  • Separate First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Confirmation into their own labeled columns
  • The columns MUST appear in this order
  • Save your file as a .CSV provides a template spreadsheet. Click the "Download a Template .CSV" to download a correctly formatted document.

Once you have your document formatted in the correct way, click the "Choose File" button and locate your file.

If the file is formatted properly, you will see a green bar populate.

You will need to choose between:

In case of conflict, this will OVERWRITE existing hotel confirmations for matched guests.
In case of conflict, this will
NOT overwrite existing hotel confirmations for matched guests.

Click the "Add Hotel Confirmations" button to begin the upload.

Once the spreadsheet is successfully uploaded, you will see the number of "Hotels Booked" update accordingly.