Set Notifications

Setting Notifications dictates if you'd like hosts to be notified when a guest checks in to one of their events.  Hosts (or Team Members) can choose to be notified via email, SMS (or both) upon account creation.

Click "Notification" (next to "Check-In") on the top of the page.  

Then click the "Set Notification" button next to each guest.  When searching for a guest, you can filter by group, attendee type, element, host, or guest response.  You can also type the guest name into the search bar.

Or, when you select guests, you will see a new option appear - "Set Notifications To".  If you click that, you can bulk assign the notifications to a particular host.

Click the drop down menu to select the host you would like to receive an event level Check-In Notification for that guest (or group of guests).

Once a host is successfully selected, it "Notify [host name]" will replace "Set Notification".