Create a Document

To create a document, select "Documents" under the global Account Tools, and then "Add New Document".

Enter the document name, end date and document type.  Guests won't be able to sign the document after the date entered.  Then upload a .pdf file and then click "Create Document".

Note: When you select "Tax" type, attendees will automatically be asked to submit their Social Security Number on the registration page. 

You will then be prompted to "Create Your Template".  This is where you can autofill text for your attendees so they don't have to re-enter information that has already been collected.  Click "GOT IT" to continue.

Select what type of field you are creating and drag and drop it in the correct place within the document.

Indicate if will be populating that field or if the attendee (guest) needs to fill it out.  If will be populating a field, select which field (text) should populate.  If the guest needs to fill out, select the validation type if necessary.

Make sure you include the Signature field!  This is what makes your document legal.