Create a New Report

You can report on all data that you add and/or track in  Choose from all the fields available in the database to create the columns in your custom report.  Click "Create New Report" to get started.

You will need to provide a name for your report, select up to 3 events to report on, the timezone where the event(s) is taking place, and the guest type (Guests and Companions, Guests Only, or Companions Only). If you need to provide information from both the Guest and their Companion's profiles in the report, select Guest and Companions so that the report will include the data fields for both.  The Events and Timezone fields will give you a drop down menu from which to choose.  You will find US Timezones under "America/___".

Next, you will specify which fields you'd like included in your report.  The "Available Fields" are broken into 10 categories, each with different fields associated with that category.  Select a category and another dropdown menu will populate with the available fields for that category.  Simply select the field(s) you need and they will populate below.

For example, if you choose "Guest Data", you will be able to add any data specific to individual guests.  These appear in alphabetical order.

Note: Don't forget to add the guest name!  You'll need to add a "First Name" field and "Last Name" field.

There are some fields that allow you to even further customize and filter your report.  For example, for "RSVP status" you can choose to show all invited guests, or just guests with a particular RSVP status.

Once you have added all of the fields you need for that report, you can "Create Report" which will add it to your Reports list to be generated at a later date, or you can "Save and Generate" which will generate the report for you immediately.

Below is an example of a report that was generated.  In order to export the report, click the gear icon on the top right of the table.

When you click the gear icon, you will have the choice to export as a .csv, .pdf, print the data, export as a .xlsx, or email the report.  Your report will download onto your computer according to your specific computer settings.

In order to create another report or view all of your reports, go back to Account Tools - Reports.