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How to Create an Email - Using an already designed email graphic

You can design many different emails within  Save the Date, Guest Invite, Guest Confirmation, Companion Invite, Companion Confirmation, RSVP Reminder, or Itinerary Ready Emails.  This can be done from within your event, or in the Template Manager.

Once in the Template Manager, you will select which Template Type you'd like to create, name that template, and then begin customizing your email.  The "Click here to edit text" appears by default and can be deleted if you are not adding any text to the email.

The editor is broken into 3 main sections - CONTENT, STRUCTURE AND BODY.

When in the content section, you can choose what type of content block you'd like to start with.  If you have an email already designed and simply need to upload the graphic, you'll choose the "IMAGE" content block.

You will drag the "IMAGE" block over to the left, into the email and drop it in place.

Then you will browse either within previously uploaded images in, or upload a new file.

Once your image is placed, you will automatically be brought to the BODY section of the editor.  Here you can adjust the Content area width, and a few other design elements.

Note: Standard email width is 600px, so slide the circle to bring it up to 600px.

Now click back on your image and the CONTENT section.  You will have options to edit your content.  

When creating a guest or companion invite, or the itinerary ready email, the most important part is the "ACTION" section.  Here you will find "Special links".  This will link your invitation or itinerary email to the individual guest registration page or itinerary.

Click Special links - General - RSVP.  When complete, you will see [rsvp.url] populate in the Url bar.

Or, if you want to add "RSVP Accept" and "RSVP Decline" buttons in the body of your email (bypassing the guest registration page altogether), you can create buttons in the editor and then link them accordingly.  Click Special links - General - RSVP Accept or RSVP Decline. When complete, you will see [rsvp.url.accept] and [rsvp.url.decline] populate in the Url bar.

To create buttons, drag the "BUTTON" block over to the left, into the email and drop it in place.  To place 2 buttons side by side, choose the second STRUCTURE option (see below for more details).  Then use the "BUTTON OPTIONS" to modify your button as needed.  The default button will be blue with white font (like the button on the right in the example below).  You can adjust the width, colors, alignment, etc. of the button, and then click on the button itself to change the text and link the "Special links".

The STRUCTURE section allows you to build your email with a few different graphics or text blocks.  Select which structure you want, and then drag it to the left to start customizing each section.

Once the structure has been placed, specify what type of content belongs in each block.  In the example below, 3 image blocks have been added.  Browse and add files as explained above.