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Customize Groups - Communication

"Customize Communication", is where you will either build or select your "Invitation Email" and "Confirmation Email" from the Template Library. This invitation will either link to your Event Website or directly to the Registration page.

Note:  If you have selected a design as your "Master Guest Invites template", it will automatically populate as your Invitation Email.  In the below example, the Invitation Email template was set as the default, but the Confirmation Email was not.

You can also choose to Clone the emails and settings from an existing group.  This way you don't have to re-do all the work you have already done!

The "Sender Name" will appear in the "From" field of your email communication.  All email communications sent through will come from  The "Sender Email" will be the Reply-To email address.  

If you'd like your guests to receive an email confirmation after they have registered, keep the "Enable Confirmation Email" slider toggled to YES.  If not, slide it to NO.  

To make any edits necessary, you can click the thumbnail or "Edit" to be brought into the email editor.

Then to build the "Confirmation Email", you can "Select from Template Library", start over with a blank template, or reset to the default.

Don't forget to "Save Email & Continue" before moving on to Customize Registration.

Curious what the guest experience will look like?  Click here to view the entire process - invite, registration, confirmation and the guest itinerary.