Merge Tags

Merge tags can be used to help customize various communications with your guests.  They dynamically pull information from both your event and guest information to make your communications more personal.

For example, when customizing your Registration Page, you can use merge tags in the "ACCEPTED Display Message".   The merge tags being used in this example are the guest first name, event name and host email.

In order to add a merge tag you need to click into the area you are editing.  The editor will appear with ">_Merge tags" as one of the options.  When you click on "Merge tags" a drop down menu will appear with all of the different merge tags you can include in your message.  Simply select the one you want to add.  Make sure to leave the brackets around the field name and include spaces as punctuation as needed.

You can also use merge tags when creating a Save the Date or Invitation.

Within the email editor, put your cursor where you'd like the tag included in your text block, click "Merge tags", and a menu of options will appear.  You can scroll through the menu for more options.  In the below example, the "Guest First Name" was added.