RSVP Process

Email Invitation

The email invitation dynamically pulls the "Event Name" into the Subject line.

The "Sender Name" and Reply-To email address are both customizable.


The RSVP page dynamically pulls the "Event Name" underneath "You have been invited to", in addition to all elements you have chosen to show on the itinerary.  These appear under "Event Details".  You can also hide all event details if you choose.

You can choose to bypass the RSVP page by putting the "YES" and "NO" buttons directly in the body of the invitation email.  Both the email and the RSVP page will take the guest through the same process from that point forward.

RSVP "YES" - Registration Page

If a guest prefers a different name than their legal name, then they will be able to enter the name they go by and then click the "Do You Have a Different Legal Name" box to additionally enter their legal name. This allows for both names to be on file.

Registration Field Options for Event Creator + Survey Questions

You can unselect any fields that you do not want to collect from your guests.  And if there is other information that you need, you can create a Survey Question!

RSVP "Yes" - Companion

When a guest enters their companion's information, automatically sends that person an email invitation to the event.  The companion will then go through the same RSVP process as the guest.

Registration Complete - Confirmation Page

RSVP "NO" - Message

Registration Complete - Email Confirmation

The email confirmation dynamically pulls the "Event Name" into the Subject line.