Event Setup Guide



  • Create New Event
  • Add Location, Start/End Date, Support Links
  • (Dashboard Tile Image is only for internal use and will be displayed on your concierge.com dashboard to help differentiate between your events.)
  • Share the Event with Team Members
  • Elements - Elements are the building blocks for your event. An element is anything and everything that will be offered to a single guest, a specific group, or everyone being invited. Elements show up in chronological order on the guest itinerary (unless you tell concierge.com to hide the elements).
    • Travel elements (air) - any guests coming in via airline travel?  If so we will set up a custom email address for this event so that you may forward the air confirmation email from the airline/travel partner to concierge.com, where it will be automatically uploaded to the correct guest. This info will be on each guest's unique itinerary.
    • Travel elements (ground) - buses, black cars, etc.
    • Hotel elements - name, location and dates for hotel. Provide a template to your hotel to use for confirmation codes...these will be uploaded in bulk and automatically assigned to the correct guest.  This info will be on each guest's unique itinerary.
    • Activity elements  any event, activity or experience that you are offering your guests.
    • Bonus elements - any elements with no start/end time (such as a gift bag)
    • Set inventory limits for elements whenever necessary.
  • Upload Guest List and send Save the Date (optional)
    • The guest list must be .CSV with all of your attendees- with separate columns for First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Company Name.
  • Groups - Groups are types of guests who will receive a different experience, such as a VIP dinner, upgraded hotel, unique invitation, etc. The differences between groups can be very minor, concierge.com allows us to clone groups then make small changes that differentiate them.
    • Assign each group a name and arrival and departure dates.
    • Set inventory limits if necessary.
    • Determine if guest of each group(s) will be allowed to invite a companion.
    • Add elements to each group.
    • Add Custom fields if desired (for internal use only, will not appear on guest’s itinerary).
  • Customize Event Website (optional), Invitation emailsRegistration page and Itinerary.



  • Email graphics (build within concierge.com or upload html)  recommended width is 600 pixels
  • Banner image (1140px x 287px - .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf) for Registration page and Itinerary
  • Landing page graphics (build within concierge.com or upload html)  optional
  • Color palate - there are multiple places to customize the colors, such as Registration and Itineraries, so Hex codes, Pantone or RGB codes for your brand's colors.



  • RSVP Button language (YES or NO, or something more creative)
  • RSVP message language (for YES or NO RSVPs)
  • Itinerary Intro  headline and personalized message to guest (use merge tags)
  • Itinerary “You’re Here!” message (can be hidden)  message to guests, what they should do upon arrival
  • Itinerary “Time To Go Home” message (can be hidden)  goodbye message to guests.
  • Itinerary Email Subject and copy with link to itinerary.



  • What personal/contact/travel info do you want to collect?
  • Any survey questions you want to add?



  • Upload any photo release, affidavit, tax form, NDA, or any other legal form necessary in the Account Tools section and then link to required forms when customizing the registration page.