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How to Send an Invite - Salesforce

Once you have customized your group and assigned your invites, you are ready to send out your invitations!  Guest information can be uploaded a few different ways.  One at a time, via a bulk import, using salesforce, or by accessing the guest list.

On the "Send New Invites" screen, you'll first need to select a group.  You will only see the groups that you have been assigned invites for populate in the drop down menu.

Note: Each guest invited to an event must have a unique email address. The same guest cannot be invited or saved into the system twice for the same event.

This article is focused on sending invites by uploading guest information from Salesforce.

Once you have selected the group, click "Salesforce Import".

Read the instructions carefully and then click the red "OK".  This will bring you to salesforce so you can login to your account and gather the guest information that you need.