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How to Send an Invite - Import from Guest List

Once you have customized your group and assigned your invites, you are ready to send out your invitations!  Guest information can be uploaded a few different ways.  One at a time, via a bulk import, using salesforce, or by accessing the guest list.

On the "Send New Invites" screen, you'll first need to select a group.  You will only see the groups that you have been assigned invites for populate in the drop down menu.

Note: Each guest invited to an event must have a unique email address. The same guest cannot be invited or saved into the system twice for the same event.

This article is focused on sending invites by selecting from the guest list.

Once you have selected the group, you will see the "Add Individual" and "Address Book & Guest List" boxes populate.

Under "Address Book & Guest List" you will see the names of all guests both in your Address Book and Guest List.  You can choose to select from this list rather than upload new guest information, or just show the names of the guests on your "Guest List".  

If you want to only show the guests from your Guest List, check the "Guest List Only" box and those guest names will populate with the blue "Guest List" box to the right of the guest's email address.

Then you can select all of the guests on that page by clicking the check box at the top left of the table.  Or, you can select them one by one by clicking the check box next to the individual guest names.  Once you have selected all of the guests you'd like to add on that page, click "+ Add selected to the Invite List".

Lastly, you can search for a guest name in the search bar and select them that way.  

Once selected and added to the invite list, all guest names will populate in the Invite List on the righthand side of the screen.  The number of invites you are sending is indicated on the top right of the "Invite List" header bar.  You will also see the number of "Invites Left to Send".  This is based on your allocations for the group you are in.

If you are ready to send your invites, click "Send Now".  

If you want to save your invites to the system but not actually send anything to the guests, click the "Create Attendee Profiles Only. Do Not Send Invites." box and then select "Save Invites".  

You may choose to do this if you already know these guests are coming and you want to manually RSVP them to the event.

If you are not yet ready to send invites to these guests, you can select "Save as Draft".  The invite will be saved on the RSVP Status page under "Drafts".  You can save guests here and then send them invites when you are ready.

You will receive an email recap once all invitations have been sent, saved or drafted.