App Check-In

You can check in your guests on your computer or your mobile device.  All devices will automatically sync with the main server in real time, reflecting the latest actions taken by all staff members.

Download our app! Search "conciergedotcom" in the Apple or Android app store. 

Login to the mobile app using the same credentials as used on the desktop app.

The app requires continuous online connection in order to function properly. Error and warning alerts will notify you should you lose such connection or if a similar issue arises.

The app can sometimes take a few seconds to check a guest in. Please be patient and refrain from clicking multiple times for such as to avoid potential reverse of action.

The app is updated on the App Store from time to time to allow for new features. If you do not have automatic updating on, please be sure to check the App Store prior to the event to ensure your device is using the latest version.

If you have been invited as a team member on other events, you can switch accounts on the top of the page by clicking "Owner".

Select your event. Once event is selected, the default view shows all guests that have been invited to the event, irrespective of their RSVP status.

In the guest list view, an event check in button is available (the grey check mark). Clicking it will check the guest in and change it to blue. A secondary click on a blue button will check the guest out.

In this view you can also see the guest's RSVP status.  
Green check - YES
Blue question mark - PENDING
Red X - NO

Guests can still be checked in, regardless of their RSVP status.

Using the filter menu drop down, you can filter the guest list based on multiple preferences. You can also search for a specific guest using the search bar.

You can click anywhere on the guest's row record to expand their side profile where you'd find more info about them, as well as be able to check them into the event and all their associated elements.  Checking a guest into an element will automatically check them into the event if they have not been checked in already.

On the left drop down you will find the Barcode Scanner. This will allow you to check guests in that have activity element bar codes. You can use the default device camera to do so, or using the IPC plug in scanner if available.

You can also choose to send an SMS text message to all or selected guests. This can be used to send guests a reminder or let a specific guest know they left something behind.