What is the Address Book?

The Address Book stores all of the people you have invited to any of your events managed in concierge.com.  This makes it easy to invite guests to multiple events without having to re-upload their information.  You can access the Address Book by clicking the "Address Book" link under Account Tools.

Click "Add Contact" to add an individual guest to the Address Book.  The First Name, Last Name and E-mail Address fields will all be required.  You can also choose if you want the information you input to override any attendee data already stored on concierge.com or if it should NOT override the data already stored on concierge.com.

Click "Bulk Upload Contacts" to add guests from a spreadsheet.  Download the template to be sure the spreadsheet is formatted properly.  Once all information is in the properly formatted .CSV file, click "Choose File" to upload.

Click "Import From Salesforce" to import contacts from Salesforce and follow the directions given.