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Adding Flight Information to a Guest Profile

You can add an individual's flight information directly in their Guest Profile.  Or, you can use the flight import tool.

In the "TRAVEL" section, you can enter the flight date, carrier and number to automatically look up the flight info.  As you begin typing the carrier name, a drop down menu will populate with options to select.

The flight options available based on the parameters set will populate.  Use the "Select your flight" picker to choose the correct flight.  

Then add the Confirmation Code for each leg and save!  

You can also add a flight leg if necessary by clicking "Add a leg".

Once a guest's flight information has been entered, their confirmation numbers will populate under "CONFIRMATIONS" on the left-hand side of their guest profile. The Main Guest's flight information should be added first. If the Main Guest and their companion have the same flight information, you can "Copy Guest Travel Info" on the companion's profile.