Desktop Check-In

You can check in your guests on your computer or your mobile device.  All devices will automatically sync with the main server in real time, reflecting the latest actions taken by all staff members.  

To Check-In a guest to the event, click the grey "Check In" button next to that guests name.  When searching for a guest to check in, you can filter by group, attendee type, element, host, or guest response.  You can also type the guest name into the search bar.

When you click the grey "Check In" button, a pop up will appear with that guest name, type, and a check box.  If that is the guest you want to check in, check the box and then click "Check-In Attendees".

When a guest has been successfully checked in to the event, you will see the date and time stamp next to their name indicating when they were checked in.

You can also check guests in to specific Elements by "Filtering by Element".  In the example below, the table has been filtered by only the guests attending the Allure Best of Beauty Celebration.  You can check them in to the celebration by clicking the "Check In" button in the "Element Check-In" column.

If a guest is checked into an Element but has not yet been checked into the event, they will automatically be checked into the event (as Micheline was in the example below).