Desktop Check-In

To check guests into an event, you must select which elements you are checking them in for. This is different from Picking up Tickets and they must be done separately. 

You can check in your guests on your computer or your mobile device.  All devices will automatically sync with the main server in real time, reflecting the latest actions taken by all staff members.  

To Check-In a guest to the event, Select Ticket Pick-up. You can set filters for the guests or search a guest by name. Once you find your guest's name, select Set as Picked Up. You mark multiple guests as picked up at once by "checking off" multiple users. You can also select the check off the top row to mark all guests. 

When a guest has been successfully checked in to the event, you will see the date and time stamp next to their name indicating when they were checked in.

To check a guest into a specific element, select the Element Check in tab. From there, you can select the element you want to check the guest into such as the 2020 iHeartRadio ALTer Ego Presented by Capital One. 

You also have the option to set Notifications.  

You will see a drop down to select the team member you would like to be notified. When this specific guest checks in, this team member will be immediately notifie