User GuideShopify App (Wolfpoint)Link the Shopify app to the platform

Link the Shopify app to the platform

Configure API

Once the app has been installed, you should be automatically directed to the "Admin" section where you will need to enter API credentials in order for the app to be connected to your event. 

If the "Admin" section does not automatically open, navigate to:

App > > Admin > API Settings

Enter the below information:

Client ID: Psbqbhpfy8ne

Client Secret Key: xAVwhxwazTypsNfKsWfPFNisAiYxN9hY

Username: Login credentials for the Client Admin account

Password: Password for the Client Admin account

Parent ID: In another window/tab, log into the account. Go to "Edit Profile" (Click on the account name in the top right corner > edit profile) 

  1. Right-mouse click and  select "Inspect" to open the Inspect Element window
  2. In the Inspect Element window, search for "ParentID"
  3. Copy the Parent ID code and paste into the "Parent ID" field in the Shopify app
  4. Click the "Save" button