Create a New Product

To add a new product:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.

  2. From the Products page, click Add Product.

Enter the follow information:

  • Title - The name of your ticket type

  • Description - The description for your ticket type. This field is optional and will appear XX

  • Images-   The image you upload will appear when that ticket is added to the cart and/or on your Shopify store, if applicable. It is recommended that this image is square (250px X 250px)

  • Price- The price for this ticket type

    • Uncheck "Charge Taxes on this Product"

  • Inventory Policy (optional)- Limit and track the number of tickets you would like to sell

    • Select "Shopify Tracks this Products Inventory" from the dropdown list and enter the ticket limit

  • Shipping- If there is no physical product, Shipping should be disabled.

    • Uncheck "This is a physical product"

  • Product Type (Under "Organization")- Type or Select "Ticket"

  • Tags - Tags are searchable keywords that you can associate with your product. Adding tags to your product will help you filter your reports. (optional). Example: For The New Yorker Festival, we tagged each "ticket/product" with the appropriate venue, date, and time.

Click "Save Product"