Client Checklist


For each Product/ Ticket Type:

  • Name of Ticket

  • Start Date (End Date optional) 

  • Start Time (End time optional) 

  • Location

  • Description (optional) 

  • Image for Shopify Cart (250px X 250px)

  • Image for Ticket (400pz X 120px)

  • Price

  • Inventory (how many of this type will you sell) 


  • Store logo 

  • Button Color 

  • Link Color

  • Do you want customers to opt-in to email marketing

    • If yes, what would you like the messaging to be (300 character limit)

  • Checkout Confirmation Title and Message 

  • Order confirmation content (receipt email) 

  • Sender Name (who should the emails come from)

  • Terms & Conditions and/or Privacy Policy

  • Buy Button Color

  • Buy Button Text

  • Checkout Button text (at the bottom of the shopping cart) 

  • Cart disclaimer (standard: 


  • Do you want to auto-deploy tickets

  • Ticket Banner (1140px X 215px)

  • Any additional content? Sponsor logos?