Change Checkout URL

1. Get a CN domain created

  1. Choose a domain to be used and confirm it with client/stakeholders. Note that it can only be a sub-domain of an existing website (e.g., or
  2. Create a ticket with CN IT/Tech (can link to "Open a Ticket" from the connect dashboard)
    1. Set "Project" to DevOps (DEVOPS)
    2. Ticket Description: "Create new sub domain -

      Edit DNS settings so CNAME record to point to (Shopify IP address:

2. Connect custom domain in Shopify

  1. Log into Shopify Admin
  2. Click on Online Store -> Domains
  3. Click on 'Connect existing domain'
  4. Enter the domain name (e.g.
  5. Verify the domain (note this will only work if the domain was created as per initial step
  6. Confirm new domain is connected and set up as Primary Domain
  7. The domain will now be used as the default URL during checkout

3. Update custom domain in buy buttons

  1. Generate buy buttons as you would normally
  2. Copy embed code into Sublime text (or similar) first
  3. Find the following section of the embed code, and change the domain there to the custom domain that needs to be used:

function ShopifyBuyInit() {

   var client = ShopifyBuy.buildClient({

     domain: ‘’, 

     storefrontAccessToken: ‘758c0a0ccbdec1e54b791515a35cc567’,